Online Lie Detectors – Are They Real?

Almost everything can be done on the internet these days. You can fill out important documents, shop around for the latest goods, and even take lie detector tests. Now, a lot of people question the validity of online lie detector tests, but we’re going to take a look at them and try and figure out whether or not they are in fact a legitimate way to determine if someone is telling the truth or not.

So what is an online lie detector test?

To begin with, we should make sure we all understand what an online lie detector test is, and how they work. Lie detector tests are usually conducted on a personal basis, and require the subject and the examiner to be in the same room and cooperate in order to make sure that the truth is confirmed.

How would it work online then?

With the basic premise of a polygraph test requiring the subject and examiner to be in the same room, you would wonder exactly how the test could be conducted online. The different tests which you can find online often make use of a front facing camera. This camera reads the face and looks for small changes in the size of the pupils, any facial expressions which change, and then use this information to try and gauge if someone is not truthful.

So, how effective is this as a way of taking a lie detector test?

There is, of course, more than one problem with an online lie detector test. For starters, you cannot use all of the equipment which is available with a test which is conducted in person. The apparatus which marks changes in your heart rate, breathing levels and perspiration levels are all absent. These are usually the leading indicators that someone is truthful, and a computer is even less likely to be able to detect the subtle changes that aren’t immediately obvious to the eye and requires more of a close-up examination to pick up and identify.

Overall, the issue with online lie detector tests is that it is in fact, online. You can not give an accurate polygraph test when there’s no one to conduct the test and go through all of the pretest and posttest processes with you. Online lie detector tests lack intimacy and validity. There is a massive difference between taking a lie detector test online and taking one in a proper room with all of the equipment which is needed. Not only does the subject not have the proper examination beforehand to make sure that they are fit even to take the exam, but they also don’t have the post test review, where all of their results are given to them, and they need to explain their performance where applicable. While the online lie detector test may well be an amusing notion, to begin with, it is not an accurate way of measuring how truthful someone is being.