Is PopArt Still In Fashion?

Is PopArt still an influence in fashion?

It is true that art plays a big role in how the culture acts in a society. However, does art have an influence on fashion? Honestly, art has been an important aspect in the society, being part of different historical events and, sometimes, even starting one by itself. Besides other ways to express itself, fashion has always been the first to be affected by art.

When PopArt first arose in the 50s it became an important partner to fashion, but only rose to fame in the 60s, when it reached the US. It emerged as a way to challenge fine art traditions and values and bring aspects of mass culture to light, turning it into lots of fun and colourful critics for different kinds of public and media. Yves Saint Laurent (1st of August 1936 – 1st of June 2008) was the first designer to gain fame through PopArt with a collection under the same name, presented to the public in 1966.

Andy Warhol (6th of August 1928 – 22nd of February 1987) was an artist that later became a designer, he was also the first to turn his arts into fashion designs, using it to portray the capitalist lifestyle. Nowadays, Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott, an American fashion designer, is the one who still portrays PopArt, but giving it his own touch. His designs are often used by singers and artists, for example, American singers Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. He was also the designer behind Katy Perry’s Superbowl XLIX Half Time performance. Scott has also inspired different brands, such as Adidas and Longchamp, thus becoming the main source of Contemporary PopArt.

How to wear it:

PopArt was and will always be a criticism in disguise. Its colourful and fun designs are an eye-catcher and easy to wear, but, keep in mind that it is easy to cause a disturbance in your look. Therefore, you should always wear it with a basic colour like black or grey to create a balance. Also, avoid using an extravagant piece if you don’t want to draw too much attention.

Since the highlight of your outfit is the PopArt clothing, then everything else should complement your look instead of contrast with it. Wear a light makeup and a basic hairstyle. In other words, you should focus all of your attention on the colourful piece and let the rest of your look fit into it. However, if you want to draw attention to an accessory, for example, a PopArt purse, then you can opt for basic colours, but still remembering that the purse is the highlight.

When to wear it:

Today’s fashion is all about being daring and taking risks. Therefore, you can attract attention by including PopArt accessories into your outfit or even using a simple dress with a PopArt design. It is possible to use this kind of outfit to an official event, however, do not use extravagant designs nor flashy clothes. Instead, choose a dark colour to go along with your look.

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